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When your organization needs to provide world-class aftermarket service to customers, DHL Service Logistics can help you.

Ocean freight services 

Ocean Freight services is a successful service when you mean to transport goods of any size or weight and when they are located far from your place. Our service is a challenge both import and export of your goods against competitors. We realize it thanks collaboration and partnership with bigger naval company offering you economy in costs and favorable transit time.  

Air Cargo Services 

SpeedEco is specialized to give your inquiries the right answer for your inbound and outbound goods thanks to wide range of products and services by air. We are near you to give your air transportation the right choose and fastness. 

When you need to transport by air, but low in cost, Air Cargo Economy is your ideal choice. We work hard to combine most favorable ways for your goods transportation keeping priority costs reduction.  

  • Cost reductions in favorable routed 

  • Defined transit time, low cost priority 

  • Airport to airport 

  • Door-to-door service




Road Freight 

Road Freight Service is one of your most perfect choice for your road transportation across Europe and Balkan. We have a well organized structure and intend to consolidate your freight in most service point all over Europe. Our target is to cover Europe market and to be close of your partners to make easy your collaboration with them.


  • Send shipments worldwide with fast transit times

  • Very user-friendly booking options

  • For all shipping needs, both business and private

  • Guaranteed delivery before 09:00, before 12:00 or before the end of the working day

  • Wide range of optional services

  • Send with or without customer number

  • Via Track & Trace always a detailed overview of all your shipments 

  • Electronic proof of delivery, including signature

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