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Ocean freight services 


Ocean Freight services is a successful service when you mean to transport goods of any size or weight and when they are located far from your place. Our service is a challenge both import and export of your goods against competitors. We realize it thanks collaboration and partnership with bigger naval company offering you economy in costs and favorable transit time.  

Less-than-Container Load 


Choose LCL service when your goods capacity is less then a full container. 


LCL service is ideal when your goods can`t fill the capacity of a full container. SpeedEco offers to you not only choosing the right solution for your freight, but offering them with a best possible price. Thanks to our smartness we are near your partner to collect from them your goods and delivery to you in time and low cost. 



Full Container Loads (FCL) 

Excellent Service for full container transportation


SpeedEco is specialized to transport full containers from all over continents. Thanks to his vision, strong collaboration, excellent partnership and customer service approach in every movement to your goods, it makes you satisfy when you think to transport your goods in a full container. We are specialized for both import and export requirements.   



Asia Expert 


Expert to your partners all around Asia continent 



Your relationship with Asia market comes more strong then ever. You need a partner to take care to transport your goods with containers and less then full container. We are here to give you solution every demands related sea transportation. We are expert in this field and able to give you the best both in quality and fastness.

Non-containerised Load 


If your goods are large, you can`t split them out and they are too large to fit into any container type, non-containerized service is ideal for the transportation of this king of carriage. Thanks to our strong partnership we lead your freight offering them special solutions

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