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Road Freight 

Road Freight Service is one of your most perfect choice for your road transportation across Europe and Balkan. We have a well organized structure and intend to consolidate your freight in most service point all over Europe. Our target is to cover Europe market and to be close of your partners to make easy your collaboration with them.


Groupage and part load service 


This kind of service can group your goods with others, giving your transportation a cost-efficiently. Thanks to this combination you can win in time, especially in price. We offer a full service from pick up of the goods in origin and delivery in destination with predefined departures and transit times for palletized freight up to 2,500 Kg. 


Full Load Service


For your goods transportation needs in a full truck, we offer you this service structured in a organized international network. We offer to you the most brand equipments, predefined transit time, flexible solutions and the same standard, in every moment 

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